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Results – Musquodoboit Valley Table Tennis Marathon

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The third Marathon event for Table Tennis was held at Musquodoboit Rural High School in Middle Musquodoboit, NS on Saturday Dec 3, 2016.

All three Maritime Provinces sent representatives to compete for awards.  Sixty-three (63) players competed for the titles. Results for 1st and 2nd place are listed below. Complete results for all divisions are listed HERE.

Dec 3, 2016 surely was a day to remember for Table Tennis.  The Vibert brothers have entered the Table Tennis community with an explosion of skill, talent and impressive style.  Their positive attitude is infectious and has raised the standard of table tennis to new heights.  On behalf of the table tennis community, we thank both of you for your contribution to the sport in Nova Scotia.


Boys 18 – 1. Curtis Caron, Dartmouth.  2. Anson Tin Long Chan, Windsor;

Boys 15 – 1. Anson Tin Long Chan, Windsor; 2. Davis Dauphinee, Carroll’s Corner, NS

Boys 13 – 1. Ryan Yang, Beechville; 2. Joel Churchill, Canning, NS


Girls 18 – 1. Vivian Li, Truro ; 2. Carmen Vanwychen, Mid Musquodoboit

Girls 15 – 1. Carmen Vanwychen, Mid Musq. 2. Maddy Hayes, Cole Harbour

Girls 13 – 1. Maddy Hayes, Cole Harbour; 2. Sydney Gale, Cape Breton


Division ‘A’

  1. Tomohisa Vibert, Wolfville (7,1)
  2. Tyler Kent, Eastern Passage (6,2)
  3. Shane Hines, Carroll’s Corner (6,2)

Division ‘B’

  1. Takahiro Vibert, Wolfville (7,0)
  2. Shuntian Wang, Halifax (5,2)
  3. Chris Kui Zhang, Bedford (5,2)

Division ‘C’

  1. Jerome Lagmay, Halifax (7,1)
  2. Dawn Charles, Halifax (7,1)
  3. Mark Fainshtein, Bedford (5,3)

Division ‘D’

  1. Davis Dauphinee, Carroll’s Corner (7,0)
  2. Tom Tian, Halifax (6,1)
  3. Abdul Aziz, Halifax (5,2)

Division ‘E’

  1. Ty Bradley, Halifax
  2. Alex Roussakov, Hammond’s Plains
  3. Jonah Shankel, Coldbrook

Division ‘F’

  1. Royce Fisher, Middle Musquodoboit
  2. Yuki Nishi, Wolfville
  3. Alexi Breau, Grand-Barachois, NB