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Results – Atlantic Table Tennis Championships 2016

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Atlantic Table Tennis Championships 2016 sponsored by EASSON Transport

On May 21, 22, 2016 more than 65 players gathered in Canning, NS to compete for the title of “ATLANTIC CHAMPION” in their specific category.  The athletes were from all four provinces and demonstrated their skills at a very high level.

Annual trophies sponsored by RBC Dominion Securities were awarded in the team events which took place on Saturday.  The winners are listed below:



1 Nova Scotia
3 Newfoundland/Labrador
4 New Brunswick

1 Nova Scotia
2 NS Jr Girls

Boys 18
1 Nova Scotia
2 Newfoundland/Labrador

Girls 18
1 Nova Scotia
2 Newfoundland/Labrador

Boys 15
1 Nova Scotia “A”
2 Nova Scotia “B”



Men Singles
1. Todd Gregory (PE) defeated  Dipan Shah (NS)

Women Singles 
1. Dawn Charles (NS) defeated 2. Ai Wei (NS)

Boys 18
1. Sami Yacoub (PE) def Curtis Caron (NS)

Girls 18
1. Lindsay Sibley (NS) defeated 2. Brianna Warren (NL)

Boys 15    
2. Davis Dauphinee (NS) defeated Michael Hiscocok (NL)

Girls 15 
1. Carmen Vanwychen (NS) def Emily Yuill (NS)

Veteran 40+
1. Dipan Shah (NS) def 2. Sheldon Pyne (NS)

Veteran 50+
1.  David Greenough (NS) def 2. Al Martell (NS)

Veteran 60+ 
1. Wade Gregory (PE) def Joe Fisher (NS)

Veteran 70+
1. Al Martell (NS) def 2. Najam Chishti (PE)

Youth Male (21)         
1. Shane Hines (NS) def Garrett Stubbings (NS)

Youth Female (21) 
1. Lindsay Sibley (NS) def Morgan Erskine (NS)

21-39 players event  
1. Tyler Kent (NS) defeated 2. Todd Gregory (PE)

Rated event 1600 
1. Alex Younker (PE) def Lauw Nelwan (NS)

Rated event 1200    
1. Dawn Charles (NS) def Wei Ai (NS)

Rated event 800     
1. Kevin Preyde (NS) def Michael Hiscock (NL)



Men Doubles – Open
1. Todd Gregory (PE) and Wade Gregory (PE)
2. Shane Hines (NS) and Tyler Kent (NS)

Women Doubles
1. Dawn Charles (NS) and Wei AI (NS)
2. Morgan Erskine (NS) and Carmen Vanwychen (NS)

Rated Doubles 3000
1. Isaac Kent (NS) and Jason Morley (NS)
2. Sheldon Pyne (NS) and Denver Doucette (NS)

Mixed Doubles
1. Dipan Shah (NS) and Ai Wei (NS)
2. Isaac Kent (NS) and Dawn Charles (NS)

Boys 18 Doubles
1. Jesse Cranford (NL) and Michael Hiscock (NL)
2. Kevin Preyde (NS) and Jason Morley (NS)

Girls 18 Doubles
1. Lindsay Sibley (NS) and Emma Briggs (NS)
2. Brianna Warren (NL) and Sarah Warren (NL)

Mixed Junior Doubles (18)
1. Carmen Vanwychen (NS) and Davis Dauphinee (NS)
2. Brianna Warren (NL) and Brandon Roberts (NL)

Girls 15 Doubles
1. Caren Vanwychen (NS) and Emily Yuill (NS)
2. Sarah Warren (NL) and Karlee Warren (NL)

Boys Doubles 15
1. Ty Bradley (NS) and Ben Robertson (NS)
2. Hayden Ehler (NS0 and Dawson Munro (NS)